Details About The Project

Campaign website for Michigan State Representative Candidate.

Logo. Campaign Strategy. Branding. Website. 

Running for office can be a big feat, Kevin Harris contacted Trystorytelling to help him with the messaging, strategy and website development of his campaign. 

The website is now down now that the candidate is no longer running for office. 

We Used Best Tolls To Optimize This Website

The goal in creating the logo and brand elements was to combine he worlds of the candidates platforms. The main one being criminal justice reform. 

We needed something simple that can attract his main voting audience which is older people in the District 10 area. 

Need a Campaign Website?

If you are running for office and need a show-stopping campaign website please contact us. 

A website is an opportunity to collect donations from supporters, get volunteer sign-ups, and share your platform goals and ideas. Most importantly it is the one place on the internet where you control your campaign narrative and can communicate your story.


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