What we can all learn from Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry has made waves these past few weeks every since he made a post on Twitter bragging about all of the shows he wrote in 2019. 

The intent behind this post was to show how hard he works and his ‘Work Ethic’ but it seemed to have quite the opposite effect.

People dragged Tyler Perry on the internet for not having a writers room and helping other black writers. They claimed the quality of his work did not match up with the quantity. 

I’m glad to have waited a while to write this blog as Tyler Perry has now given a few responses for us to have a better understanding on where he is coming from. 

Here are the 5 biggest takeaways we can learn from this situation: 

1. Know who your target audience is and ignore the rest

In an interview for his new film, A Fall From Grace that recently premiered on Netflix, when asked about the criticism Tyler Perry stated -” I am writing for my audience. I don’t know what people are talking about.” 

One of the first questions I ask my clients is – Who are you targeting? Without this information, you can’t do anything else. Having a clear image of your target audience makes things so much easier in the long run. The more information you know about them the better. 

At the end of the day Tyler is really clear about his audience and what it is that they like. Which I’m assuming is older, black women, ages 50+, church-going and conservative. They enjoy the tired ole tropes and stories that younger audiences are bored with. To them, they find comfort in seeing the same storylines over and over. They don’t mind the bad wigs or constant beratement of black women. 

2. You can do it alone, but it may take more time

Now just because Tyler is very clear about his audience, doesn’t mean he should be the only one writing on each of his shows. He could find writers who align with his vision for whichever show/film and who understand his audience. This may not be an easy feat and he has Tyler has explained in the past his writer rooms trials and tribulations. 

What we can take away from this is yes- there is nothing wrong with doing it all yourself but it will take you twice as long. Many creatives and entrepreneurs feel they need to get all of the recognition, they can save money by doing it themselves and/or it’s must easier to just do it themselves rather than take the risk of bringing someone else on and having to show them the ropes. 

The fact is all of those are false and you are losing out in the long run. The universe/God whatever entity you do or don’t believe in blessed you with a big idea- rather it be to run for office or start a mobile app. But when the universe sends you a super big idea its not for you to do alone, its for you to bring other people on to help you. 

You aren’t good at everything and its better to play to your strengths than waste time trying to learn something you don’t know how to do to save 11 pennies in the long run. I see so many entrepreneurs make this mistake. They don’t want to hire someone to make their website so they do it themselves and you know what,  everyone can tell the second they visit their website that they did it themselves. 🤡 

I knew of someone that needed a business plan as they were trying to apply for bank loans to increase funding for their start-up. They wanted to hire someone but didn’t want to pay and decided to just do it themselves. I spoke with them in October and they said ” Yeah, I just have to sit down and do it.” Four months later, the business plan still isn’t done and they are still trying to “sit down and do it.” Do you know how many loans they could’ve gotten in that time had they just hired someone

No one can deny Tyler Perry’s success. He has one of the biggest production studios in the USA and has employed countless amounts of black and brown people to work on his shows. But one can think  how far would Tyler Perry be if he had a consistent group of people he could entrust with his vision to help him fine tune his writing?