5 Reasons You Need a Campaign Website

1. Raise Money Faster

Your campaign is going to need to more than likely need to fundraise. Having a simple and easy way to accept donations digitally can separate the winners from the losers. It’s easier to get someone to click and donate than to write out a check, put it in an envelope and mail it out. Now, technology allows us the option to offer automatic monthly recurring donations to your donors. If you have run a campaign before then you know how much of a life and time saver this can be. 

Studies show that when voters search online for information about a candidate, the higher your rank on a page of results greatly influences the likelihood that they will vote for you.

2. Your Digital Brochure 

While the days of printing flyers and going door to door aren’t completely over, the new modern way to share your campaign plans is via your website. Its the central location for updated campaign news and means to get voters to follow you on social media. With a mobile-optimized site, interested parties and quickly get a grasp for your campaign. 

3. Facebook is no longer reliable 

Facebook user ship is on a decline. Over 15 million people have left Facebook since 2017 and the number is only increasing. The most important age range is ages 18-34. This is an important voting age group and they will need a way to learn about your campaign events and policies without the use of Facebook. A website and newsletter for your campaign will be a strong way to keep in touch with this group. 

4. Convert voters into volunteers and donors

You want someone to come to your campaign website and not only learn about your mission and plan but to join on the movement. Donating to your campaign, signing up to volunteer this goes beyond a like on Facebook. You want people to be a part of your campaign for the long haul. A great feature on your website to have is a space for volunteers to sign up and a clear strong Donate button. 

See our website we created for local Michigan State Representative Candidate, since creating and implementing his website, donations for his campaign have increased 200%! Check it out here: kevinharris2020.com