Is participating in Black Friday hurting your brand?

One of my favorite brands is Brother Vellies, started by Aurora James with the goal of introducing the world to African footwear. The brand’s values center around sustainability, diversity, and transparency. The shoe designs are both striking and well made.

I received an email on Black Friday from Brother Vellies stating how they don’t have sales. The marketer in me was screaming. A brand that doesn’t participate in Black Friday? How revolutionary! 

Check out the message as to why below: 

So What Can We Learn from Brother Vellies?

Should we put an end to Black Friday sales?

In a world of overconsumption and mass consumerism, it is a bold step to go against the grain. But it sends a message, the message being that we won’t devalue our brand to conform to societal norms, that the quality of our products is so pristine and pricing structure thought out so well that having a sale would cost us more in the long run. 

While I don’t think this model would necessarily work for every business, it is something to consider trying out. If are you creating something so unique and remarkable, slashing the prices in the name of sale can put a damper on your overall brand. It is a real power move to say “No, we are worth it!” 

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