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Businesses are temporary, forgettable and cheap. Brands are timeless, trustworthy and contributing something to the marketplace worth talking about.

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The unique, the remarkable and the human.

It has never been easier to declare one’s self an entrepreneur.
Anyone with a few bucks and a computer can start a business, run for office, or register as a non-profit. You can even purchase businesses on eBay.

It’s time to stop the rat race that never ends- begging people to follow you or to become your client, or to donate to your cause.

Gone are the business practices of the 90s where some faceless figure would sit in a big office, hidden from the end consumer. 

People are getting smarter and the veil that once separated CEO and consumer has lifted. 

What separates businesses from brands is the intent. Brands that are bringing something unique, remarkable and human to the crowded marketplace and, believe us when we say they are the only ones that will last in the long run. 


Get Free Brand Score Within 2 Days Only!

Curious on if you are more of a business or a brand? We are too! Don’t be scared, low scores won’t send you to summer school .

Your customers deserve better and so do you. All elements of your business are a reflection of you.

This is a great first step to see where you stand in the crowded marketplace. We will be assessing your brand elements and all internal and external factors to calculate your brand score. 

    Our Storytelling Services

    Right now we are only working clients that are making an impact on the world around them. Whether it be a local print shop or a political candidate. This is our delicious menu of services. 

    Eye-Catching Websites

    Is your website forgettable? Looks like it was made 20 years ago? Disorganized? Crowded? Using 20 different fonts? Hand it over to us.

    Brand Strategy

    We have one of the best storytellers and strategists in the game. Our very own Kris Jenner. If you are looking to take yourself or your business to the next level- you've come to the right place.

    Pitch Decks & Crowdfunding Campaigns

    Raising funds is more than having a great idea. It's the communication of your unique story and weaving it together with the idea that makes people want to invest.

    Social Media Marketing Strategy

    It's time to end the merry-go- round of social media that leads absolutely nowhere. We know it can be frustrating, lets give you a simple 3 month strategy you can stick with.

    SEO Optimization

    If people cannot find you on Google, then do you even exists? Having a website with 2 sentences isn't going to cut. Especially if you are local business.

    Visual Elements

    Your story isn'y words on your website- it's the feeling you evoke to your customers. This is also through your logo, your business card, your brand colors.

    The Storytelling Factory

    Our unique process that will have you the talk of the town. 

    • Internal Analysis

      Internal Analysis

      We can't get anywhere without looking at where you currently are. This is an deep dive into your business and your goals. Looking at whats working and what isn't.

    • External Analysis

      External Analysis

      We don't exist in a vacuum. We have to look at your competitors and how they are currently holding up and the marketplace as a whole.

    • Putting it all Together

      Putting it all Together

      Whether this is in the form of a strategy or a website. The final delivery will be something that connects you in an easy and cohesive way to your target audience.

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    We turn businesses into brands through the art of storytelling.